Delicious Crepes Restaurant in W3

BakeMe provide delicious crepes in W3 everyday from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Sunday. Visit us in store to try one of our sweet or savoury crepes and enjoy a crepe as a desert or hearty meal. MrBakeMe is suitable for everyone, providing a calm environment in which you can enjoy your crepes with friends and family.

We serve milkshakes, sweet crepes, savoury crepes, fresh coffee and more at BakeMe. Learn more about MrBakeMe and the different crepes we have on offer.


Lucia Pohl Local Guide

Cozy atmosphere and excellent food quality- it's nice to see something different than your usual options. The crepes are crispy and we loved them. Lovely coffee

Elaine Sprankle Local Guide

I live near here and love this place. Mr bake me is lovely. One night I stopped in for a tea and they had already closed the till so he just gave it to me. The food and coffee is amazing the service is quick and price is good. Every time I come here my crepe is better than the last time. The salmon is a always good option as well as the chicken and the veggie with feta and olives. Last time my friend had the veggie with an egg on top and it looked amazing. Lime and sugar is a good option for sweet. My favourite sweet is yogurt, strawberries and maple syrup. 1

Amber Murray Local Guide

Besides the fact that these are the BEST crepes I've ever had, the coffee is amazing and there are so many options for gluten free and vegan - Mr Bake Me is a kind and generous soul. His love and passion is not only evident in his tasty food, but in the walls covered with drawings from local kids, and the significant impact he has on the local community - thank you Mr Bake Me!

Our Treats

Fresh handmade crepes, ice creams, milkshakes and more

Enjoy one of our fresh crepes as a delicious desert anytime between 7am and 7pm.

Indulge in one of our savoury crepes for breakfast, brunch or lunch. 

We provide freshly pressed coffee for our customers to enjoy.

See more pictures of the handmade deserts and crepes we sell.